April 2011

  • April 2011
    44 Jungle is Massive: Daniel Cates takes on the world
    38 B.E.S.T. PRO-file: Meet Nicolo Calia
    40 Matt Perry’s TV Bluffs: Our top five bluffs of all-time
    64: FTOPS: Full Tilt’s online series smashes records
    82 Chris Moorman: How to 4-bet bluff
    10 Snapshot: Jonathan Duhamel
    12 Newswire: Rolling poker news from around the globe
    16 The Beat: With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    18 Wicked Chops Poker: The Entities sidewise look at the news
    20 Online Report: Snoopy talks to Adam Stoneham
    24 Cashing Out: What to do when your chips become money
    26 Nick’s Column: How do you play jacks?
    28 Being Phil Laak: Random thoughts from the Unabomber
    30 James Mitchell: Bluff’s newest columnist chews the fat
    32 Raw Power: Nicky Power reports from the Irish poker scene
    34 The Ogmore Poker Tour: The lads get snowed under
    36 B.E.S.T. Rankings: Who’s hot?
    42 Our Man in… Acapulco: Kevin Pilley travels the world in search of a decent poker game
    50 J Tilly: Jennifer gets flummoxed by a HUD
    52 Road Gambler: The Gambler’s Fallacy
    54 Grassroots: Supporting poker in the community
    58 The Empire Strikes Back: Poker UK Manager Colin Hunt defends the Bad Beat Jackpot
    60 The Merit Spring Poker Open: Mickey Morley finds rich pickings in Cyprus
    68 Unibet Open: Alex Rousso reports
    70 Why We Love: The Fox Poker Club

    72 Caro: More advice from The Mad Genius of Poker
    74 Cardrunners: Time for some self analysis
    76 Dr Tom: Is your game sick?
    78 Pickleman: Mapping the future of online poker
    80 Poker Pwnage: Exercise your poker mind
    84 Ask the Pros: With James Sudworth and John Eames
    86 Action Jackson: Paul Jackson on team poker
    88 Paul Zimbler: Blind on blind situations
    90 Beat the Casino: The changing face of Vegas
    92 Beat the Casino: Les Golden on card-counting
    94 The Live Scene: What’s on in London
    96 Card Gang: Check out our latest freeroll

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March 3rd could have been a momentous day in the history of online gaming. It was the last day New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could have vetoed a bill allowing internet gambling in his State. If he had not acted by the end of the day, the bill would have become law.

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By Paul Zimbler

Day 1 in a multi-day tournament should be treated with care; a little bit like warming up before sports event. There are many different things to consider and many approaches to take, but the main aim of the day is to survive. If you are in, you can win.

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Dear Dr Tom,

What is the best approach for playing cheap live tournaments (£20 to £50 buy-in) with a super-fast structure and 20 to 30 minute levels? Should I treat them like online turbos or can you afford to be more patient than that? The quality of opposition seems very poor.

Darren, Weymouth

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By Paul Jackson

A lot of people have an issue with the concept of a “team game” of poker because they see the idea of any kind of team collusion as outrageous. Before I get onto my opinions of team poker, I’d like to share a few opinions about poker players in general (in the UK at least) and their blind, unquestioning trumpeting for certain traditional poker do’s and don’ts.

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We’re not sure whether Cates is a nonchalant genius who is baffled as to why things that come so easy to him should flummox the rest of us, or whether it’s merely the blasé monosyllabism of his generation.