March 2008

  • March 2008
  • Cover Story: ElkY – Bertrand Grospellier goes 3D
    EPT Dortmund – Stephen Bartley reports from Germany
    Sam Simon – Simpsons producer talks poker
    Snapshot – The Aussie Millions
    The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    Euro News – Hold the front page!
    Wicked Chops Poker – Irreverent poker backchat
    J. Tilly – Jennifer ventures Down Under
    2007: The good bits – A belated retrospective
    Poker Howlers – When poker goes very, very wrong
    Dr Pauly – Our man in Melbourne
    Bird on the Rail – All the latest gossip from Sin City
    Grassroots – Supporting poker in the community
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – Enter the virtual world of
    Heads-up – With internet whiz kid PearlJammer
    Eric Lui – The fine art of balancing life and poker
    On the Button – Stuff we’ve pulled off the web
    Mike Caro – When not to bet
    Being Phil Laak – The Unabomber at the Aussie Millions
    Action Jackson – Paul Jackson on the Ladbrokes Poker Cruise
    Dr Tom – Tom Sambrook tells us what to do on the river
    Josh Arieh – Exploiting your table image
    Rizen – The post oak revisited
    Navarro – More psychology from the ex-FBI guy
    Melvin Harris – Should you ever fold aces?
    WSOP Academy – Hand walkthroughs
    Full Tilt Tips from the Pros – With Eddy Scharf
    WPT Bootcamp – Tournament cash game strategy
    Calendar – Choicey tournaments of the month
    Tales from the Felt – Slutsky goes on a bigfoot hunt
    Back Page – Check out our great offer from

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Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier was one of the first westerners to play computer games for a living. His silver medal in the World Cyber Games in Korea bizarrely made the Frenchman a household name in that country.