February 2007

  • February 2007
  • Cover Story: Bluff hangs out with Jennifer Harman
    Dirty Vegas – What lurks on your poker chips? Be very, very afraid
    The Poker Power 20 – The biggest movers and shakers in the game
    Snapshot – Ladbrokes Poker Million
    The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    EPT Rankings – Who’s hot?
    Calendar – Upcoming tournies YOU should know about
    On the Button – Get your face on TV with Bluff and pokerzone
    Wicked Chops Poker – The WCP entities try to be nice
    The Boy – Roy Brindley gets on his soapbox
    Dealer’s Choice – The Hux witnesses a world record
    Bar Bets – More skulduggery from Jack Wise
    PRO-file – Meet Bengt Sonnert
    Irish Poker Championships – The Emerald Isle crowns a new champ
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – All the latest from PokerVerdict.com
    Adventures in Cyberspace – More meaty strategy from Niman Kenkre
    Roundtable Discussion – Let’s talk SnGs
    Rizen – Eric Lynch talks tournament structure
    Intrepid Poker Adventurer – Bluff hits Edinburgh
    PRO-file – David Benyamine – We meet France’s deadliest player
    Poker Girl – Annie Duke on why bluffing isn’t always sexy
    Poker Like a Rock Star – Antonio and Phil get their own TV show
    Jennifer Tilly – Jennifer goes to boot camp
    Mr Inside – Michael Craig turns matchmaker
    KrazyKanuk – Jim Worth goes on the rampage
    Thanksgiving at the Red Rock – Phil Gordon wins the FullTiltPoker.net Championship
    Mike Caro – The Mad Genius in the “reflex call”
    Being Phil Laak – Island happenings with the Unabomber
    Read ‘em and Reap – More ball-busting advice from ex-FBI interrogator Joe Navarro
    Brandon Adams – Why you shouldn’t get too cute with those draws
    Strange Games – Poker with the Undead
    The Amateur’s Mind – Fight or flight? You decide…
    Tales from the Felt – Slutsky goes alien-hunting