April 2007

  • April 2007
  • Features
    Cover Story – Johnny Chan: A head on collision with the Orient Express
    The Greatest Final Tables of the 21st Century – A look at some of the most awe-inspiring line-ups in modern poker
    The Asian Poker Classic – Bluff checks out India’s first ever poker tournament
    Remembering Johnny Moss – Johnny Hughes looks back at the grand old man of poker
    Snapshot – The EPT Dortmund
    The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    Euro News – Hold the font page!
    Wicked Chops Poker – More irreverent backchat from our favourite entities
    The Boy Roy – Roy “finds himself” in India
    Norm MacDonald’s Big Gamble – Michael Kaplan hits the craps tables with the madcap comedian
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – All the latest from PokerVerdict.com
    Adventures in Cyberspace – Niman Kenkre rakes in the unlikeliest pot ever
    Gank – Brett Jungblut’s on the bubble
    The_Dry: The art of the SnG
    Galfond – Introducing the theory of G-Bucks
    Intrepid Poker Traveller – Bluff hits Dortmund
    PRO-file – Juha Helppi: head to head with the deadly Finn
    Inside Gus’s brain – Gus Hansen talks us through some hands at the Aussie Millions
    Into the Valleys – Bluff heads to Wales for the Amateur Poker Championship
    Sebok – Joe Sebok on the sick art of the prop
    Jennifer Tilly – The Poker Nations Cup
    Poker Like a Roc Star – Antonio feels the pain!
    Mike Caro – The Mad Genius on the pet peeves he doesn’t have
    Being Phil Laak – The Unabomber mathematically proves he’s a donk
    Chad Brown – How to bluff the river when you’re all in pre-flop!
    Joe Navarro – Reading women at the table
    Angel Largay – Exploring the unexamined game
    Full Tilt Lessons from the Pros – A sermon from Jesus
    The Amateur’s Mind – Michael Rome lays down the rules
    Strange Games – Learn to play freaky poker
    Wise Hand – How Hellmuth became the Comeback King
    Table Tales – Slutsky takes a wild ride

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Johnny Chan is a hard man to pin down. Following this photo shoot in Vegas, he promptly vanished into thin air.