April 2008

  • April 2008
  • Cover Story: Back to Black – Andy Black and the Zen of poker
    EPT Scandinavian Open – Bluff hits Copenhagen
    Poker Politics – When poker players get political
    Erick Seidel – Gary Wise tracks down an unassuming poker legend
    The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    Euro News – Hold the front page!
    Wicked Chops Poker – Irreverent poker backchat
    Fantast Final Table – With Daniel Negreanu
    Wise Hand – Gavin Griffin wins the Big Three
    Welcome to the Cheap Seats – Your ticket to the WSOP
    J Tilly – Jennifer and Phil in California
    GCBPT Edinburgh – Bluff editor takes the high road
    Grassroots – Supporting poker in the community
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – All the latest from PokerVerdict.com
    PRO-file – Meet the kid they call “durrrr”
    Brian Townsend – Strategy from the online phenom
    On the Button – Stuff we’ve pulled off the web
    Mike Caro – The Mad Genius on the perils of showmanship
    Being Phil Laak – The Unabomber on how not to go broke
    The Amateur’s Mind – Do pokerbots dream of electric sheep?
    Jeff Madsen – The foolproof guide to winning tournaments
    Full Tilt Tips – Big stack play with Jordan Morgan
    Plus EV – How to counter larcenous play in limit hold’em
    Dr Tom – Tom Sambrook looks at playing the turn
    The traffic lights of tournament play – Selecting the right comps
    Rizen – Listen to your inner buzzer
    Tales from the Felt – Slutsky closes in on Bigfoot
    Bird on the Rail – All the hot goss from across the pond
    Tournament Calendar – April tourney picks
    ACF Comp – Win a trip to Le Grand Prix de Paris

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The café of the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green. Ladies in knitted hats and beads sit around breastfeeding and nibbling carrot cake. In the centre of the room, slurping a coffee with an air of blissed-out self-possession, sits Andy Black.