January 2012

  • January 2012
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    32 Sam Trickett: The UK’s biggest ever winner drops in for a chat
    56 Scott Clemens: The man with the thousand yard stare
    30 What’s in a Name? The art of choosing an online nickname
    38 Driving the Nuts: The cars of the stars but who drives what?
    8 Snapshot: How many poker players does it take to fill the London Eye?
    10 Newswire: Rolling poker news from around the globe
    14 The Beat: With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    16 Nick Wealthall: He’s kind of a big deal
    18 Being Phil Laak: Random musings from the Unabomber
    20 Cashing Out: What to do when your chips become money
    22 Virtual Felt: With Adam “Snoopy” Goulding
    26 Bluff European Rankings: Who’s hot on the euro circuit?
    40 Matt Perry: Why you’re not Tom Dwan
    42 Raw Power: Nicky Power reports from the Irish poker scene
    44 Road Gambler: Johnny Hughes remembers Benny Binion
    46 Diamonds and Clubs: The life swings of John Tabatabai
    48 De-Jen: Jennifer threatens to quit
    52 The Ogmore Poker Tour: My mum’s house
    54 Local Heroes: Supporting grassroots poker
    60 Become an Affiliate: How to make money from poker without playing it
    64 IPF World Championships: Stephen Bartley reports
    66 Unibet Open: The tour heads to Riga
    Poker Academy
    68 Caro: Inspiration from the Mad Genius of Poker
    70 The Maven: Strategy from David Chicotsky
    72 UKIPT Preview: A look ahead to Season 3
    74 Andrew Moseley: The art of thin value-betting
    76 Alec Torelli: Keeping a level head
    80 Jeff Kimber: Inside the minds of the pros
    82 PokerPal: Balancing and aggression
    84 Paul Zimbler: Flopping a set on a draw-heavy board
    86 Amateur to Pro: Lee Davy continues his poker education
    88 Pocket Fives: Strategy from Alex Fitzgerald
    90 Sportsdesk: Francis James takes a wonky look at sportsbetting
    92 Live Scene: Where to find a game near you
    96 Card Gang: Check out our latest freeroll

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By Andrew Moseley

I want to share some of my thinking behind thin value betting and when it should be executed against different types of opponents. Thin value-betting is one of those sexy poker terms that people like to throw around without much inclination of how or when to utilise it. In basic terms a thin value bet is when you make a bet for value with a marginal hand.

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It’s been an extraordinary year for Sam Trickett. Since we last interviewed him, 12 months ago, Sam has overtaken Devilfish on the UK all-time money list, demolished the two of the most expensive tournaments in the world and won the Partouche Poker Tour Grand final.