December 2009

  • December 2009
  • 28 Propping up the bar with… Scotty Nguyen – Part 2 of our epic pub conversation
    32 King of the Vic – World Heads-up Champ Bambos Xanthos
    50 Not-so-average Joe – Bluff chats to the new WSOP Champ
    56 Road Gambler – Johnny Hughes remembers the legend Pat Renfro
    10 The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    12 Bluff Newswire – Rolling poker news from around the globe
    16 Dr Tom’s Poker Infirmary – Is your game sick?
    18 Nick’s Column – Why cuddly toys have no place at the poker table
    20 Being Phil Laak – The Unabomber gets some weird vibes and wins a fortune
    22 Painting by Numbers – Phil Ivey stat attack
    24 Our Kelly – Day of the Jackelope
    26 Bluff’s Xmas Gift List – Hint, hint, hint, hint
    36 Grassroots – Supporting poker in the community
    42 EPT Warsaw – Stephen Bartley has the story
    46 Wicked Chops Poker – The boys pick at the bones of 2009
    60 The Irish Winter Festival – Strange goings on in Dublin
    62 PKR HUGS – The heads-up Grand Slam
    74 The EC Poker Tour Malta – The latest from Europe’s hottest new poker tour
    Virtual Felt
    66 Online Report – Snoopy meets Spencer Lawrence, the best player you never heard of
    68 Bluff Labs – Testing poker podcasts
    70 Deuces Cracked – Omaha: friend or foe?
    72 Product of the Month – Bluff looks at what Neteller can do for your money
    76 Caro – Grumpy Christmas wishes from a certain mad genius
    78 Bonomo – Pay attention!
    82 Pickleman – String-bet Nazis must die!
    84 – Analysing flop textures, part the third
    86 Blackjack – How to be a chameleon
    88 BlackjackVT – Blackjack MIT style
    90 Table Games – Life-changing advice from Dr Les
    93 Full Tilt – Tips from the pros
    94 Navarro – Advice from an ex-FBI interrogator
    96 Card Gang – Knock out four Gutshot pros and win $100,000

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What’s left to say about the 2009 WSOP final table? Ivey failed to pick up the momentum we were all praying for; Akenhead ran kings into aces and broke our hearts; Buchman imploded; Shulman folded himself out of contention; Saout ran out of luck, and Darvin Moon continued on his searing heater, his erratic plays adding a charging rhinoceros of unpredictability to the dynamics of play.