May 2010

  • May 2010
  • 32 King of the Nosebleeds – durrrr talks shop
    54 Dublin’ Up – Snoopy reports from the Irish Open
    40 The Party Poker Premier League IV – Jennifer Tilly gets stuck into Viffer
    10 Snapshot – The inaugural EPT Snowfest
    12 BEST Rankings – Who’s hot on the tourney circuit?
    14 The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    16 Newswire – Rolling poker news from around the globe
    20 Wicked Chops Poker – The Entities’ guide to the WSOP
    22 Dr Tom’s Poker Infirmary – Is your game sick?
    24 Nick’s Column – Nick goes on a downswing
    26 Being Phil Laak – Inspired ramblings from the Unabomber
    28 Timing tells – Matt Perry examines internet reads
    30 Raw Power – Nicky Power reports from the Irish poker scene
    44 Road Gambler – The Mysterious Death of Austin Squatty
    46 Slutsky – When fat poker players get stuck in your car
    52 EuroSportBET French Heads Up Championship – Bluff experiences a spot of alpine poker

    60 Pickleman – Your guide to side festivals during the WSOP
    Virtual Felt
    64 Online Report – Snoopy talks to Chris Moorman
    68 Larsluzak – Punishing a call station
    70 Trendspotting – Which nation is the best at poker? We have answers…
    72 Deuces Cracked – Pocket pairs in early position
    74 Paul Zimbler – Grinding for value online
    76 Mike Caro – Remembering Gardena
    78 Bonomo – Your range or his?
    80 Poker Pwnage – Learning to attack!
    82 ElkY – Table image in tournaments
    84 Joe Navarro – Breathing tells
    86 Blackjack – Beating the casino
    88 Table Games – Dr Les meets the Venusian mole people
    92 Grassroots – Supporting poker in the community

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Dear Tom,

My friends and I like to play some poker occasionally, which works out nicely for me because none of them can really play. However, we only ever really play tournaments and I'd like to do a cash game. How can I convince them otherwise?

Philippe, London

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For the vast majority of poker players, going to Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker is unrealistic. Sure, Harrah’s may have dropped the price of the smallest buy-in to $1,000 last year, but when you’re a pub player, used to spending a tenner a night on poker, that’s a little out of your price range.

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By Paul Zimbler

You'll be amazed how many players are playing online at the wrong levels for either their skill level or their bankroll. You’ll see a lot of players at $2-5 and $5-10 who are simply giving it a shot. What does this mean? Well, I’ll tell you…

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My dad had $50 on his Ladbrokes account and I built it up to $60,000 without really knowing what I was doing