September 2008

  • September 2008
  • Cover Story: WSOPE Preview – With Annette Obrestad, John Tabatabai and Sorrel Mizzi
    How unlucky is Mike Matusow – We subject him to experiments
    HORSEplay – Scotty wins HORSE Main Event
    11 Days in July – Meet the November Nine
    The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    Newswire – Rolling poker news from around the globe
    Wicked Chops Poker – Irreverent poker backchat
    Being Phil Laak – Why Laak played WSOP Main Event disguised as an old man
    Poker Movies – Why do they suck?
    Tales from the Felt – Slutsky encounters some halfwits
    Grassroots – Supporting poker in the community
    Tilly – Jennifer’s Main Event
    The Amateur’s Mind – An introduction to game theory
    Join the Poker Clubs – Are legal poker clubs changing the UK scene?
    Poker Like a Rock Star – Antonio basks in WSOP aftermath
    Caro – The Mad Genius has an axe to grind
    Energy Drinks – Why they’re bad for your game
    Dr Tom – Tom Sambrook’s Poker Infirmary
    Pickleman – How to climb up the limits
    Lee Jones – Some thoughts from a PLO game
    Brandon Adams – Heads up PLO
    Action Jackson – Slowrolls and rubdowns
    Plus EV – Mixing it up
    WSOP – Academy – Strategy with Greg Raymer
    Rizen – Dealing with a bad run
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – All the latest from
    Advanced Freeroll Theory – Matt Perry takes on the donkey hordes
    David Williams – The power of the 3-bet
    Poker Island – Bluff visits BWin’s secret poker island
    Ryan Fisler – The importance of ‘M’

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Is luck just “probability taken personally”, as someone once said, or can one be innately unfortunate? Cursed from birth, if you will. Mike Matusow could certainly argue (and he often does) that The Creator has singled him out for repeated catastrophic misfortune at the poker table, but just how unlucky is he? We decided to find out.