November 2012

  • November 2012
  • 22 Virtual Felt Special: The L Files – Snoopy examines that Lederer interview
    28 Gus on Tilt – Full Tilt is back and Gus can’t wait
    34 Poker Apps – The best real-money poker apps out there
    44 WSOPE – Hellmuth makes it 13
    The Ante – Antonio / Hellmuth role reversal
    12 Newswire – Rolling poker news from around the globe
    14 The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    16 Big Deal – Why only idiots show their cards
    18 Being Phil Laak – On why skydiving should be more dangerous
    20 Cashing Out – What to do when chips become money
    36 Raw Power – Nicky Power and Ciaran Corbett on the Irish poker scene
    38 Road Gambler – Johnny Hughes remembers Brian “Sailor” Roberts
    40 De-Jen – Jennifer Tilly in Cannes
    42 Ogmore Poker Tour – The boys visit the “Welsh Disneyland”
    56 Poker Like a Rock Star – Antonio freaks out on a plane
    58 Bluff European Rankings –Who’s hot and who’s not and whatnot
    64 WCOOP – A roundup from the world’s biggest online poker series
    66 Marvin Rettenmaier – Lance Bradley meets “Mad” Marvin
    70 Let’s make a deal – Chris Wallace on the realities of being backed
    72 Pickleman – Exploiting tournament structures
    74 The Wrap – Jeff Kimber does some self-analysis
    76 PLO Quick Pro – Three-betting
    78 Action Jack – More flairy adventures with Paul Jackson
    80 Alex Fitzgerald – On finding perspective
    82 The Maven – Making correct decisions
    84 Cardrunners – It’s all about range
    86 Live Action – Reports from the London Poker Festival and poker games near you
    96 Card Gang – Check out our latest freeroll

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By Jeff Kimber

How many times do you hear a guy in the casino or in the chat box online complain about how his opponent played a hand so badly? “How can he call there?” he moans. “Well played, mate,” he adds sarcastically, while muttering under his breath, or swearing loudly at his laptop.

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By Alex 'Pickleman' Rousso.

Sometimes the very structure of a tournament gives a player an EV advantage over others. I happened across an example of such a tournament in Cannes at the WSOPE last month.