June 2006

  • June 2006
  • Features
    Cover Story: Life's A Grind: Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi
    The Guy Who Never Wins by Rob Fulop
    Poker Blogs: The Best of the Best – Paul Mcguire
    Mastering the mind game of Poker – Michele Burghardt
    Bird on the Rail – Jennifer Leo
    Bluff Poker Radio
    The WRONG Kind of Home Game – THE HUX
    Check – Ed Moncada
    Joanna Krupa – Part-time Poker Player, Full Time Model
    Room Report by Bluff Staff
    The Institution – Gary Wise
    Poker Peeves –
    Stop the apologies! – Adam Slutsky
    Secrets of the Card Cheat – Jack Wise
    Profile – Michael Gracz
    Calling with the Worst Hand – Annie Duke
    Antonio Talks Poker – Antonio Esfandiari
    PLAY HARDER – Jennifer Tilly
    My place in the Sun – Kenna James
    21 Things I Probably Shouldn't Tell You – Michael Craig
    To gamble or not to gamble – Josh Arieh
    The Tour Wars continued – Mark Naplitano
    The Party Poker Million V – Rick Fuller
    Virtual Felt
    PS2 Has Nothin' on PKR
    Online Report – PocketFives.com
    From Online to Primetime – Brett "Gank" Jungblut
    Beam Me Up: Online Satellites – James "Krazy Kanuck"
    Understanding Caro's Law of Lease Tilt – Mike Caro
    Ask Clonie – Clonie Gowen
    Winning Poker – Ben Roberts
    Satisfactory or Maximum Results? by Angel Largay
    Jacks – Phil Laak
    Fish Food –
    Fun Fare for the Common Man – James Ernest
    Beware of Tilt – Luca Pagano
    Gnôthi Sauton – Sean McCabe
    Understanding Caro's Law of Least Tilt – Mike Caro
    Ask Clonie – Clonie Gowen
    Wild Cards
    Winning Poker – Ben Roberts

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“We want to talk to The Grinder, not the monkey,” we told ’em. And so here he is. Bluff recently met up Michael Mizrachi to find out how a sweet-natured family guy could posses such a relentless, bloodthirsty ruthlessness at the table that he makes The Terminator look like R2D2. Here’s what we discovered.