October 2011

  • October 2011
  • Features
    32 Cover Story – Mob Rule: Hendon’s finest buck the trend
    26 EPT Barcelona – Stephen Bartley reports
    56 Broke Living: Meet John Robert Bellande
    6 Newswire: Rolling poker news from around the globe
    10 The Beat: With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    12 Big Deal: Wealthall on the joys of cramming
    14 Being Phil Laak: The Unabomber starts hallucinating
    16 Cashing Out: The best tournament packages around
    18 Online Report: Snoopy talks to Sam Razavi
    22 BEST Rankings: Who’s hot?
    24 Ogmore Poker Tour: Turkish Kurt
    30 Raw Power: Nicky Power reports from the Irish poker scene
    38 Diamonds and Clubs: John Tabatabai on the highs and lows of the poker lifestyle
    40 Why a flush beats quads: Nic Szeremeta has the proof
    42 Poker in the Park: The world’s biggest free poker festival
    48 Road Gambler: Remembering “Poker Alice”
    50 Spin it up! How not to practise bankroll management
    52 Grassroots: Supporting poker in the community
    54 Jeff versus Goliath: Kimber takes on the biggest tournament in Europe
    62 Grand Prix de Paris: Lee Davy reports from the ACF
    66 Unibet Open: Alex Rousso talks to winner Paul Vas Nunes
    68 I’m here all Month: Nick Wealthall on the UKIPT and Edinburgh Festival
    70 Off the Felt: Slutsky meets the “Godfeather”
    72 Mike Caro: More advice from the Mad Genius
    74 Pickleman: Shoving ranges and all that jazz
    76 Paul Zimbler: When to play the stop ‘n’ go
    78 CardRunners; Double-barrel like a mofo!
    80 The Maven: David Chicotsky on the folly of limping
    82 PokerPal: Get your hands analysed by the pros
    84 Action Jackson: Paul Jackson goes downtown
    86 Alex Fitzgerald: So you want to go pro?
    88 From Amateur to Pro: Lee Davy continues his education with Alan Jackson
    90 Sportsdesk: Frances James on intergalactic betting
    92 The Live Scene: Poker games near you
    96 Card Gang: Check out our featured freeroll

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How NOT to practice bankroll management by Matt Perry.