November 2006

  • November 2006
  • Features
    Daniel – Bluff grills Kid Poker on life at the top
    Think Tank – Roundtable discussion with Rizen, Apestyles and Action Jeff
    Table Talk – Jay Busbee gets verbal diarrhoea
    EPT London – Victoria Coren wins £500,000
    Snapshot – The Legends of Poker
    The Beat – All the goss from the London EPT
    EPT Rankings – Who’s hot?
    Calendar – Upcoming tournies
    Dealer’s Choice – The Hux on why the WSOP strangles dealers
    Bluff Poker Radio – Time to get Sirius
    Wise Hand of the Month – Full blown tilt the old-school way
    EPT Baden – The new Baden Champ is one sexy thang
    Check – Introducing Frank Sinopoli and Marcello Del Grosso
    Bar Bets – How to scam your friends and influence people
    The Boy – Roy Brindley introduces fearless Phil
    Poker Girl – Don’t bring the office home with you
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – The latest from
    Adventures in Cyberspace – Why crazy play is sometimes right
    Jennicide – How to spot click tells
    Gank – A dip in the Gang tank will do your game the world of good
    PRO-file Freddy Deeb
    Jennifer Tilly – The poker world mourns Paul Hannum
    Poker Like A Rock Star – Antonio spends three days at a wedding
    Short Stacks – Phil Ivey gets lucky
    PRO-file – Victoria Coren
    Club UK – Bob “the Butcher” Clarke
    Mike Caro – The Mad Genius on beating the bully
    Ask Clonie – Clonie Gowen soothes your poker ills
    Being Phil Laak – Will the Unabomber escape
    Angel Largay – Angel dispenses some sage advice
    Hard-hitting tips from the FBI man
    The Amateur’s Mind – Michael Rome plays blind
    The Poker Economy, Part II – Brandon Adams on online economics
    Strange Games – Mike and James go back to school
    Tales from the Felt – Superstition ain’t the way

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Britney, Madonna, Cher: you know you’ve made it when your last name becomes superfluous. And to the poker world, he’s simply “Daniel.”