March 2006

  • March 2006
  • Phil Hellmuth: The Life of a Poker Megalord; Michael Greco: from Soap Star to Card Shark; Meet the Circle of Outlaws: Poker's newest deadly assasins are hand-selected and highly-trained; North American Poker Tour: The tour that's set to change th face of poker across the pond

    40 Phil Hellmuth – He’s actually pretty cool, and he didn’t freak out once during this interview
    34 Michael Greco – From soap star to card shark
    36 Circle of Outlaws – Poker’s new deadly assassins are hand-selected and highly trained
    46 Monte Carlo or Bust – Paul Spillane’s assault on the Monte Carlo Millions
    72 North American Poker Tour – The tour that’s set to change the face of poker on the other side of the pond
    14 Snapshot – The Bellagio Five Diamond Classic
    16 Bird on the Rail – The hottest goss from the poker world
    18 Power Rankings – Who’s on top of the Bluff/ESPN power rankings
    19 Calendar – Can’t-miss tourneys
    21 Bluff Poker Radio – The hottest radio show on the planet
    22 Online Report – Bits and bytes from the internet poker world
    24 Bad Beat – Sick of boring bad beat stories? Jay Greenspan takes militant action
    26 Room Review – Why Bluff loves Caesars Palace
    28 Wise Hand of the Month – Hey baby! Gary Wise on Scotty Nguyen’s WSOP triumph
    30 Check – Ed Moncada had the lowdown on rising stars JC Tran and Nam Le
    32 Dealer’s Choice – The Hux at the Aussie Millions
    33 Poker room rates – Planning a trip to Vegas? Make sure you pay the players’ rates
    50 Poker Girl – Annie Duke on learning one of poker’s most important lessons
    52 Poker Like a Rock Star – Antonio gets down Down Under
    54 Mark my Words – See who’s hot and who will be
    56 Dead Man Calling – Adam Slutsky on the ultimate, eternal bad beat
    58 Kenna’s Korner – Kenna James takes a peek into his crystal ball
    60 Josh Arieh – Josh on the two most hated words in the game
    62 Jennifer Tilly – Poker’s first couple hit small-town America
    66 In their Heads – Jennifer Harman and Cory Zeidman on the most notorious hand of the WSOP
    68 Splashing the Pot – The Ladbrokes Poker Cruise kicks it in the Caribbean
    74 Mike Caro – You make your own luck in this world – here’s how…
    77 Ask Clonie – Clonie Glowen cures you poker ills
    79 Being Phil Laak – Shower Power: The Unabomber has a revelation
    80 Angel Largay – High time for low limit no limit
    82 Books – Brunson, Chan and Gordon take a look at bluffing
    84 Strange Games – The seven deadly sins
    86 Fish Quiz – Your monthly poker exam
    89 Fish Food – Advice for the newbie
    91 PRO-tips – Gavin Smith knows the power of the call
    92 Chip Tricks – Imporove your image at the table
    95 Poke Fiction – The Green Field by Doc Pruyne