July 2008

  • July 2008
  • Cover Story: Nik Persaud – Bluff catches up with the scourge of the GUKPT
    Winds of Change – Gary Wise reacts to the November final table
    Is the Money Going out of Hold’em? So long and where are all the fish?
    Linguistic Donkaments – Matt Perry on the Orwellian nightmare that is online poker speak
    The Beat – With Neil “Bad Beat” Channing
    Bluff Newswire – Hold the front page!
    Wicked Chops Poker – Irreverent poker backchat
    One 2 One PKR Charity tourney – Bluff heads to Sketch for our annual dose of swank
    J Tilly – Jennifer goes small ball
    Jerry Yang – Some words from our World Champion
    On the Road – Dr Pauly reflects on World Series past
    The Fun.POkerRoom.com Race Trophy – Fun and games in Valencia
    Grassroots – Supporting poker in the community
    Virtual Felt
    Online Report – All the latest from PokerVerdict.com
    Brian Hastings – The web wonder talks sit n gos
    On the Button – Stuff we’ve pulled off the web
    Mike Caro – The Mad Genius on the biggest secret to poker success
    Being Phil Laak – The Unabomber pretends to be normal
    Final Table Deals – How to avoid being shafted
    Bonomo – ZeeJustin on the mathematics of the semi-bluff
    PRO-file – James Browning
    Rizen – Calculating the right amount to bet
    The Amateur’s Mind – Michael Rome on the Fall of… er… Rome
    Action Jackson – Paul weighs up the odds
    Pickleman – Why poker’s newest superhero won’t feed the fish
    Full Tilt Tips – The science of coin-flipping
    Plus EV – Do you know what he’s thinking that you’re thinking that he’s thinking
    WSOP Academy – More lessons from the Fossilman
    Navarro – Psychology from the FBI
    Dr Tom – A short treatise on the overbet
    Tales from the Felt – Slutsky discovers a crazy new poker variant

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“Can you believe they had Doyle Brunson on the front cover last month, and this month it’s… me?” marvels Nik Persaud over drinks-on-the-job in Shoreditch. “My mum will be thrilled!”