April 2013

ICM isn’t Gospel ICM isn’t Gospel

I’ve noticed an increased tendency recently among players on forums and in tournaments towards the bubble. They seem to be taking ICM too literally. They seem to be forgetting that the “M” in ICM stands for “model”. Your true equity in bubble situations is not exactly as ICM predicts. I’d like to recap the known shortcomings of the model, and consider some rules of thumb to help with decision making in the heat of battle.

Blinds and Monkeys Blinds and Monkeys

I had quite a tough opening table at the recent GPS in Birmingham, which is unusual so early in the tournament. There were a couple of decent players to my right and also Paul McTaggart (who beat me heads up in last year’s Edinburgh GPS) and another decent player to my left.

PLO Rivers with Jeff Kimber PLO Rivers with Jeff Kimber

By Jeff Kimber

Having brushed up our pre-flop PLO game, narrowed our starting ranges and worked on our post-flop tactics, we get to the most important street in poker, the river. Like the medal ceremony at the London Olympics, or payday if you work a nine-to-five, this is when the fruits of your labour are rewarded, and hopefully when you’ll receive your just deserts for your hard endeavour.

PokerTracker 4: Analysing Pre-flop All-ins PokerTracker 4: Analysing Pre-flop All-ins

by James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

Continuation Bet-Sizing Continuation Bet-Sizing

Sizing those c-bets with John "KasinoKrime" Beauprez of Quick Pro PLO

March 2013

The guy who just won’t shut up The guy who just won’t shut up

By Alex 'Pickleman' Rousso.

Poker has a way of putting us in social situations which we would never ordinarily tolerate. Nine or ten people, many of whom we would run a mile from passing the time with, packed around a table, from which we are largely unable to move for hours on end. Not most people’s idea of a party.

PLO C-Bets PLO C-Bets

For pot limit Omaha players,continuation betting can be a dangerous habit to develop if it’s not done correctly, says Jeff Kimber.

ActionJack: Dublin WPT National ActionJack: Dublin WPT National

Flairy adventures with Paul Jackson

PokerTracker 4 PokerTracker 4

Analysing Pre-flop Calls in 2Bet Pots, by James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

February 2013

Poker as a Profession Poker as a Profession

Cash game specialist Andrew Moseley takes a look at the macro-game