Vanessa Rousso to Enter Big Brother

Vanessa Rousso to Enter Big Brother

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Poker player and game theory expert Vanessa Rousso will be on the forthcoming series of Big Brother US according to recent reports. Announced on the CBS website earlier this week, the news instantly hit the forums and the topic of conversation turned to Rousso's chances of winning.

Being a professional poker player and winner of EPT and WPT titles, Rousso certainly knows how to strategise and read people, but that may not help her if she's recognised by any of her housemates.

Although she's not a major celebrity in the US, Rousso has appeared on a number of TV shows and may be ousted quickly if her peers suspect she is using her poker skills to manipulate the house dynamics.

According to a pre-show interview, Rousso is going to push her DJ career from the start in an attempt to deflect attention away from her being a champion poker player. However, she knows the going won't be easy and in her show bio, she listed the two things she'll find most difficult during the show:

"Not being able to communicate with my girlfriend will definitely be the toughest part of the entire experience. We are very, very close and I rely on her as a teammate in life. Also, not being able to use a computer to produce music or be able to browse the net will be insanely difficult."

The show is set to go live on June 24 and if it's anything like the UK version of the show we can expect fireworks and fallouts by June 25.

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