Vanessa Rousso's Big Brother Troubles

Vanessa Rousso's Big Brother Troubles

Monday, 7 September 2015

The run of Vanessa Rousso in the American version of Big Brother appears to be causing something of a stir.

The poker pro is currently down to the final few runners and looks like the hot favourite to win but a few angry viewers of the show have controversially suggested that Rousso has been predetermined as the winner by programme executives.

Following the eviction of James Huling, one of the fans' favourites, many viewers went online to vent their frustration with the decision. Additionally, some were claiming that the show is being manipulated so that Rousso can take the win.

According to the Big Brother news site Celeb Dirty Laundry, one viewer is 'friends with a cameraman' on the show and he has told her that Rousso is a certain to win. The reason behind the conspiracy theory is that Rousso is set to present a new poker show called Poker Face on CBS (the network that also hosts Big Brother) and the network is using Big Brother to boost her profile.

Although the full details of Poker Face haven't been released, the main premise of the show is that Rousso will host a series of tournaments in casinos around Las Vegas. If the theory is true, then Rousso's appearance on Big Brother has been manufactured to help boost the ratings of Poker Face.

Of course, such claims are purely speculative and there is no suggestion they have any base in reality. However, with Rousso edging closer to a win and some viewers becoming ever more disgruntled, it's certainly a storyline that will bring more attention to Big Brother, Rousso and poker as a whole.

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