Vanessa Rousso's Big Brother Bluff

Vanessa Rousso's Big Brother Bluff

Friday, 17 July 2015

It appears as though Vanessa Rousso is putting her skills as a poker player to good use in the US version of Big Brother.

Despite sitting on the fringes of the house for the last few weeks, Rousso has apparently been stirring up trouble in the last few days by bluffing her housemates.

Having kept her private life and occupation largely a secret from her fellow housemates, Rousso recently embarked on a mission to conjure up a love interest with male contestant, Austin. Although Rousso recently came out as a lesbian, she has hoodwinked Austin into thinking she is attracted to him.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses as she pulled off the classic bluff, she then went on to use her feminine ways to influence Austin's nomination.

As it stands the rest of the house doesn't appear to have caught onto Rousso's ruse and it certainly seems as though she's been using her game theory knowledge to devise a winning strategy.

While it pay off and save her from elimination? Or will the housemates eventually call her out on her bluff? Either result is possible, but it seems it's a gamble the poker pro is willing to take.

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