Tom Dwan's Macau Millions

Tom Dwan's Macau Millions

Thursday, 6 March 2014

We know the big game in Macau is often shrouded in secrecy but a recent picture of Tom 'durrrr' Dwan sitting with a few million dollars showed just how juicy the game is.

A recent report from Tom Hall suggested the stakes were often set around $4,000/$8,000 but at times they reach $12,500/$25,000 and one player who seems to be thriving is Dwan.

Although the recent picture by Poker King Club Macau's Business Director Winfred Yu (see below) doesn't show exactly how much the American pro has in front of him, a rough count by the guys at F5 Poker estimates there's 25 plaques worth $65,000.

Also in front of Dwan are a number of chips and different coloured plaques which could mean he has well in excess of $2 million on the table.
It's likely we'll never know exactly how much money exchanges hands in the game or whether the rumours are true that Dwan recently won $25 million, but with pictures like Yu's we can certainly see it's a highly lucrative table to play on.

Also in the game alongside Dwan was Alec Torelli who later posted a picture of the casino's entrance and wrote: "Spent way too much time in this poker room… First time I see the light after 48 hours #vampire #poker #macau".

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