Teenager Sentenced After Hack

Teenager Sentenced After Hack

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A teenager from Nottinghamshire has been given a suspended twelve-month prison sentence after carrying out a cyber attack on a UK-licensed online gambling site.

According to a report from the Daily Express newspaper, 19-year-old Max Whitehouse admitted a charge of carrying out an unauthorised and reckless act with intent to impair computer operations. The early-2014 hack on the unnamed UK-facing domain is believed to have cost the site £18,000 ($27,157) in added operational expenses and lost revenues after it was forced to close for a time.

It didn't take police long to track Whitehouse down as the then 17-year-old had previously bragged on Twitter about his plans to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

The Daily Express also reported that police found a stash of weapons including eight knuckle-dusters during a search of Whitehouse's home with the defendant also pleading guilty to possessing these prohibited items .

Judge Michael Stokes said that Whitehouse had ‘been living a virtual life and not a real life’ and ‘needed to get out more and play rugby or something’.

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