Poker Player Recoups Losses with Stolen Dresses

Poker Player Recoups Losses with Stolen Dresses

Friday, 1 May 2015

A Serbian poker player recently found out the hard way that Malta isn't a place where fishy poker players reside. Despite being a small island, Malta is home to some of the industry's leading poker operators and displaced players.

This affinity with the poker world has made Malta a tough place to grind over the last few years, but that fact seemed to be lost on one Serbian grinder. Noted in a court document as Vladimir Ivljanin, the 34-year-old poker player found himself in trouble after sitting down to compete against some of Malta's finest inside the local casino.

Thinking he was in for an easy ride, the Serbian quickly realised he was out of his depth after his bankroll had disappeared. With his money lost and his wife likely to be unhappy with him, Ivljanin took drastic steps to recoup his losses and appease his partner by stealing three dresses.

Caught on CCTV breaking into a Hugo Boss shop in Malta's St. Julians shopping quarter, the man was seen stealing three Bluemarine dresses with a combined value of €10,000. When questioned by local police officers, the man explained that he'd taken the dresses for his wife as compensation for losing all his money player poker.

In his defence, Ivljanin's legal team argued that their client was trying to return the dresses after he had a "change of heart." Regardless of his subsequent regret, the judge ruling on the case decided to impose a 16-month prison sentence on the poor poker player. Fortunately, however, thanks to his apparent remorse, the judge suspended the sentence for three years which meant Ivljanin was able to avoid being locked up for the time being.

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