Seat 2: Felix Stephensen

Monday, 10 November 2014

Seat 2: Felix Stephensen

NN Stephensen

Age: 23
From: Norway
Pre 2014 Main-Event Career Earnings: $22,118
Chips: 32,775,000 (2/9)

At first glance, Norwegian player Felix Stephensen might be mistaken for a fairly uninitiated player, with just two live tournament cashes to his name. However, he is actually a successful online pro (playing under the name 'FallAtyourFeet') who makes a living by frequenting the $25/$50 PLO tables online.

Second in chips, he starts in a strong position, although he'll have to watch out for van Hoof on his left. He is fairly well-known in the online community, counting fellow Norwegian pro Ola “no_Ola” Amundsgard among his close friends, so he should have plenty of people clamouring to help him train. Having said that, his relative inexperience in the live arena may trip him up – playing with the world watching you is a lot different to playing sat at home in your pyjamas. If he keeps his cool, though, he could have a decent chance at glory.

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