Eliot Hirn Triumphs In Austria

Eliot Hirn Triumphs In Austria

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

French poker player Eliot Hirn has won the main event of the year’s first stop of the 888Live Local tour to pocket $9,717.

The two-day 888poker-sponsored no-limit hold‘em affair was held near the Alpine city of Innsbruck, Austria, and featured a $400 buy-in alongside a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000.

To win the main event, Hirn outlasted 126 others at the Innsbruck Igls ski resort and he pocketed the cash after agreeing a three-way deal with fellow final table competitors Ivan Mairhofer and Michael Hill.

High-stakes player Alec Torelli began the second day of play in the lead with 138,000 chips closely followed by Hirn holding 116,000 but the American was eventually eliminated in tenth spot for $1,117. Fellow big name competitors Dominik Nitsche and Sofia Lovgren also made it through to the final round of action before being knocked out in 36th and 46th spots respectively.

“My wife and I were in Milan and we decided to head up to Innsbruck as she always wanted to bring me here,” said Torelli.

“We've heard about the first 888poker event of the year so we said why not.”

After agreeing a chop that saw Mairhofer secure the lion’s share of the remaining prize pool, Hirn went on to best the German in an intense heads-up battle. The victory saw him earn an additional $1,117 with his pocket twos managing to catch a deuce to crack his opponent’s pocket jacks in the final hand.

Innsbruck Igls 888Live Local Main Event Results:

1 Eliot Hirn (France) - $9,717

2 Ivan Mairhofer (Germany) - $9,864

3 Michael Hill (Austria) - $7,560

4 Matthias Fahrion (Germany) - $3,962

5 Marian-Ionut Farcas (Romania) - $2,856

6 Zeynal Danisman (Austria) - $2,427

7 Hector Caldero Urbina (Spain) - $2,009

8 Andrea Di Fusco (Italy) - $1,625

9 Antony Mezzarobba (France) - $1,298

Image courtesy of Fabian Grubler at Fabfotos

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