Dublin Win For Vladas Tamasauskas

Dublin Win For Vladas Tamasauskas

Thursday, 18 February 2016

The fifth season of the UK And Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) came to a conclusion earlier this week in Dublin with Lithuanian player Vladas Tamasauskas winning its main event for a €176,900 ($196,109) pay-day.

Only his third recognised live cash, Tamasauskas overcame a 1,002-runner field to secure the title at the Royal Dublin Society and significantly improve on his previous best, which came at last year’s Prague stop of the Eureka Poker Tour where he secured €19,460 ($21,579) for an eleventh-place finish.

Although Tamasauskas may have been a relative newcomer to final table action, his first appearance at the business end of a major live poker tournament was well worth the wait as virtually everything he touched after the PokerStars-sponsored main event went eight-handed seemed to turn to gold.

This good fortune continued when his less-than-stellar Ks 3c outdrew the pair of eights held by Quentin Dellis while he also managed to crack aces as he built a dominating six-to-one heads-up chip lead.

Facing off against Dave Pollock for the UKIPT main event crown, Tamasauskas continued this run after his opponent chose the wrong spot for a bluff. The Irishman check-raised all-in with aces-high on a 9s 5s 5c board when he was holding Th 5d.

Pollock subsequently needed two running cards to stay in the match but the turn 8c and river 2s gave the contest and the six-figure cash prize to Tamasauskas.

UKIPT Dublin Main Event Results:

1 Vladas Tamasauskas - €176,900 ($196,109)

2 Dave Pollock - €107,010 ($118,660)

3 Mark Reilly - €75,230 ($83,420)

4 Adalsteinn Karlsson - €56,470 ($62,623)

5 Samuel Vousden - €43,440 ($48,173)

6 Quentin Dellis - €31,880 ($35,358)

7 Jelcides Monteiro - €23,520 ($26,086)

8 Marc Foggin - €16,840 ($18,676)

Image courtesy of PokerStars

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