Debate Rages Over PokerStars' All-In Equity

Debate Rages Over PokerStars' All-In Equity

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Following a recent update to its platform, PokerStars has now introduced all-in equity showdown stats to its interface.

The change came earlier this week and caused a stir among some players, including Mike McDonald.

In a tweet on Monday the Canadian pro expressed his concern that the new move would be bad for regulars:

Chiming in on the debate was Ben Wilinofsky who echoed McDonald's concerns by writing that he "can't wait for them to start displaying all-in equity against our range."

However, in contrast to McDonald and Wilinofsky, many forum users appear to be behind the move. Essentially, all the new software does is show players who their hand stacks up against another player's in an all-in showdown.

Over the last few years this feature has been common across a number of sites, but now it's a part of PokerStars the issue seems to have caused a debate regarding how much information players should be shown.

For some, the initiative is great and a good way to attract recreational players. For others, it seems to take away some of the hard work it takes become a successful poker player.

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