Chicken Found In Cashino

Chicken Found In Cashino

Thursday, 8 October 2015

In the poker world we're used to seeing fish arrive at the table and play a few hands but a chicken in a slot parlour is a whole other concept.

Although the tale of poultry walking into a slots casino and playing sounds like the start of a bad joke, it's actually what happened in a London venue recently.

After staff at the Cashino slots shop in the southwest neighbourhood of Morden heard a noise coming from the toilet, they went in to discover a live chicken drinking from the toilet. The bird was visibly distressed and looking a bit worse for wear so the venue's staff immediately telephoned the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (RSPCA).

After attending the scene, RSPCA inspector Lynn Marshall stated that the chicken was clearly emancipated and appeared to have been fending for itself for a while.

As to how it came to find itself drinking from the toilet of a London slots parlour is unclear as the odds of someone having a mini-farm in their garden in that part of the capital are very long.

According to Marshall, it's possible that the chicken may have been dumped by someone unable to look after it.

"She was in such a terrible state," said Marshall.

"She'd clearly had to fend for herself for quite a while. It is difficult to know for sure where she may have come from. She may have escaped from a home and ended up straying but the area where she was found is pretty built-up. It is also possible, of course, that someone may have dumped her there."

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