Andrew Teng Takes GUKPT Title

Andrew Teng Takes GUKPT Title

Monday, 7 April 2014

The inaugural £500 buy-in Edinburgh main event of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) came to a conclusion last night and standing smiling in the limelight at the close of play was Andrew Teng.

In total, 192 players descended on the Scottish capital's Maybury casino for the final day of action and leading the final eleven players was top European grinder Dominik Nitsche. The German pro looked to be the man to beat as the action got underway but when the field began to thin he found himself falling from grace.

As the final table of nine emerged it was Teng and recent PKR Live winner Jeff Kimber who began to find their form and hit the front of the pack.

After looking down at Ah Kh, Nitsche was keen to commit his chips but soon found himself in trouble when Kimber called with pocket aces. An unhelpful board rolled out and as the river failed to throw him a lifeline he was forced to swim to the rail and collect his £2,300 consolation prize.

With Kimber now in the driving seat, a slew of eliminations took place until an unfortunate coup with pocket queens left Kimber on life support. A few hands later he was out in fourth while Teng moved into the lead with just three remaining.

At this point Teng was content to bide his time while Scott Brown and Johnny Gray fought among themselves. Eventually, it was Brown who fell on his sword leaving Teng and Gray to cut a deal and secure £22,000 each.

With £4,000 left to play for the pair traded shots for more than an hour before Teng looked down at pocket kings and called Gray all-in with A-9. An uneventful board emerged and as the final pot was pushed towards Teng he was left to celebrate his latest live title and a £25,000 payday.

GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event Final Standings:

1. Andy Teng – £25,000

2. Jonny Gray – £22,000

3. Scott Brown – £11,900

4. Jeff Kimber - £7,800

5. Kevin Wood - £5,400

6. Ross Loggie - £3,900

7. Yiungtao He - £3,200

8. David Gillies - £2,700

9. Dominik Nitsche - £2,300

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