May 2007

Paul Wasicka: Wild Card Paul Wasicka: Wild Card

As Paul Wasicka stared out from behind his 888.com baseball cap at an excitable, impish Jamie Gold on the seventh hand of heads up play at the final table of the 2006 World Series of Poker, it slowly began to dawn on him that he was facing a decision worth $12 million.

April 2007

Johnny Chan Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan is a hard man to pin down. Following this photo shoot in Vegas, he promptly vanished into thin air.

January 2007

Patrik Antonius: Unbeatable Talent Patrik Antonius: Unbeatable Talent

Patrik Antonius didn’t even know who “KidPoker” was when he first ran into him at FullContactPoker.com. All that mattered was that his new adversary was willing to play him heads up for absurd amounts of money. Within an hour and a half of $500-$1000 Limit Hold’em, “KidPoker” had taken Antonius for $90k. It was only after he had clawed his way back to a respectable $60k deficit that Patrik learned he’d been tussling with Daniel Negreanu.

John D’Agostino: PRO-file John D’Agostino: PRO-file

John D'Agostino might be the most famous student to ever come out of Central Connecticut State University – and he didn't even graduate.

Pamela Anderson: Part-time Poker Player… Full-time Pammy Pamela Anderson: Part-time Poker Player… Full-time Pammy

It’s not every day that Pamela Anderson drops in for a chat. But that’s exactly what she did. Pam takes time out between multiple weddings to Kid Rock to chat about her new poker site, PamelaPoker.com.

December 2006

Chris Ferguson Revealed! Chris Ferguson Revealed!

Poker author and player Michael Craig tracks down the man they call 'Jesus' as he follows the fortunes of WSOP Main Event champion Chris Ferguson.

Roland de Wolfe Roland de Wolfe

Roland de Wolfe stormed to victory at the Dublin EPT last month. Bluff collared the man of the moment to chat about getting lucky, weight loss bets, and impersonating Irishmen.

November 2006

Daniel Negreanu Daniel Negreanu

Britney, Madonna, Cher: you know you’ve made it when your last name becomes superfluous. And to the poker world, he’s simply “Daniel.”

October 2006

Gus Hansen: Unravelling Gus Gus Hansen: Unravelling Gus

Few people in the poker world are held in as much fascination and awe as Gus Hansen. Perhaps that’s why he will forever be subject of rumor and innuendo – “Gus went broke,” whisper the chatrooms. “Gus owes the big gamers $18 billion;” “Gus won all his money back and then lost it playing keno at the Gold Coast;” “Where the hell is Gus, anyway?”

Ron Jeremy: Part-time poker player… Full-time Porn Star Ron Jeremy: Part-time poker player… Full-time Porn Star

t’s a well-known fact that Bluff is the porn star’s poker magazine of choice, and so, as the King of the Porn Stars, it figures that Ron Jeremy must be an extra big fan.