May 2009

__FullFlush1__: Luke Schwartz lets rip! __FullFlush1__: Luke Schwartz lets rip!

When a foul-mouthed force of nature called __FullFlush1__ began ripping into the highest stakes on the net in February, the chatter on the forums went crazy. He must be on a massive heater, they reasoned. He’s bound to go broke soon. But __FullFlush1__ did not go broke. He continued to tear into the best players in the world with impeccable reads and fearsome bluffs.

April 2009

The Redemption of Jamie Gold The Redemption of Jamie Gold

August 11th 2006. The Pallazzo Suites, The RIO, Las Vegas. Bluff is attempting to conduct an interview with a newly crowned world champion, who bounds animatedly around the room in an attempt to explain exactly what had happened to him during the previous ten days of poker, his eyes wide with incredulity. His enthusiasm is charming, his laughter infectious. This guy will be good for poker, we think.

March 2009

Michael Tureniec, Swedish Player of the Year Michael Tureniec, Swedish Player of the Year

Michael Tureniec was named Swedish Player of the Year this month. We caught up with him to find out the secret of his success…

Ziigmund: Mad, Bad and Dangerous Ziigmund: Mad, Bad and Dangerous

“Who is Ziigmund on FTP?” The inevitable post flashed up on the 2+2 forums sometime around the middle of 2007 in response to the curious emergence of a wildly aggressive player tearing into the highest stakes on the net. “He is rumoured to be a Finnish player called Ilari Sahamies,” came a tentative response.

February 2009

Phil Galfond AKA OMGClayAiken Phil Galfond AKA OMGClayAiken

World Series of Poker bracelet winner and online high stakes cash supremo, Phil Galfond is emerging as one of the game’s brightest theorists, and he’s still only 24. Bluff Europe caught up with Phil to talk about his big brain.

Tom "Durrrr" Dwan Tom "Durrrr" Dwan

Since the early 1990s when future Vice President Al Gore emerged from his secret bunker in the hills of Kentucky and dropped the Internet in the laps of the American youth there seems to be two constants; first, it’s now ridiculously easy to ruin the life of your ex-girlfriend, and second, really fucking smart kids are dropping out of college to get crazy rich.

JC Tran: Strength in Numbers JC Tran: Strength in Numbers

JC Tran has been steering an unstoppable hurricane across the green baize over the past year, picking up a WSOP bracelet and (finally) a WPT title in the process.

January 2009

The Italian Job - Pagano and Minieri The Italian Job - Pagano and Minieri

Vespa bikes, leather jackets and cool looks... Bluff Europe meets up with two Italians keen to take on the world. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Dario and Luca.

December 2008

Peter Eastgate - WSOP Champion Peter Eastgate - WSOP Champion

Only moments after he'd disposed of Ivan Demidov and collected a nice little bracelet and a few million dollars, Bluff Europe interrupted the 2008 WSOP Champion to ask if he'd spent it all yet.

November 2008

Interview with Interview with 'pr1nnyraid', aka Jason Rosenkrantz.

'pr1nnyraid' is a name that you might know for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you know him as the author of Jason Rosenkrantz, founder and Executive Producer at DeucesCracked.com.