January 2010

Phil Laak gets real… Phil Laak gets real…

“I used to think I was just a character in a comic strip drawn by some guy in Utah. It’s not my choice – the guy who draws the comics makes the choices.”

December 2009

Joe Cada WSOP Champ: Not-so-average Joe Joe Cada WSOP Champ: Not-so-average Joe

What’s left to say about the 2009 WSOP final table? Ivey failed to pick up the momentum we were all praying for; Akenhead ran kings into aces and broke our hearts; Buchman imploded; Shulman folded himself out of contention; Saout ran out of luck, and Darvin Moon continued on his searing heater, his erratic plays adding a charging rhinoceros of unpredictability to the dynamics of play.

November 2009

Jesper Hougaard Jesper Hougaard

At last year’s WSOPE bet365’s Jesper Hougaard picked up a nice shiny bracelet. This year around, the poor lad can’t seem to win a race, so we talked poker politics instead, and it seems like there’s something very rotten in the state of Denmark…

Sami Sami 'Lars Luzak' Kelopuro

Ever delved through an old record collection and found a classic? I am talking Now 39: Billie Myers: 'Kiss the Rain', Lighthouse Family. Oh yes, that compact little double CD box had the lot. Well, rummaging around in the Bluff archives, we have managed to dig up an interview with Sami Kelopuro done just after this year's WSOP. Hardly ancient stuff but surely a classic in the making...

Barry Shulman: Confessions of a Card Player Barry Shulman: Confessions of a Card Player

There was a time when the very mention of his name would make us shudder, but these days, Bluff lives in harmony with Barry Shulman of Card Player Magazine.

October 2009

Yevgeniy Timoshenko: Man or machine? Yevgeniy Timoshenko: Man or machine?

Having already won the WPT Grand Final earlier this year for $2.1 million, Yevgeniy Timoshenko only went and bloody took down the most prestigious online poker event (WCOOP Main Event) too for $1.7 million.

Anestis Metsas: Betfair Million-Dollar Freeroll winner Anestis Metsas: Betfair Million-Dollar Freeroll winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker Europe kicked off in style when, on the opening day, Betfair made one happy man a millionaire. Beginning the day as one of 18 amateur online qualifiers competing in Betfair’s Free Million Dollar game, 23 year-old Anestis Metsas from Greece walked away from the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square a millionaire after defeating the field.

World of Ziigmund World of Ziigmund

Everybody’s favourite nihilistic, high-stakes Finn gives us a peek into his world. Looks like we might have caught him at a bad time...

Marc Goodwin: Chilling with Mr Cool Marc Goodwin: Chilling with Mr Cool

When he was younger, Marc Goodwin played a lot of blackjack, employing sophisticated systems to beat the casinos. He won a lot of money on the tables of Europe, which he promptly lost playing some game he’d just discovered called Omaha.

September 2009

JP Kelly aka MavFish JP Kelly aka MavFish

He may have returned home from Vegas with bracelet in tow, but JP Kelly’s feet remain firmly on the ground…