December 2012

Interview: TheClaimeer Interview: TheClaimeer

At 28, Rick Trigg is considered a grizzled veteran these days, but he’s still got the skillz to pay the billz.

Vladimir Geshkenbein Vladimir Geshkenbein

EPT winner and celebrated maniac, PKR.com’s Vladimir Geshkenbein tells us about the games in Macau and why he likes to get under people’s skin.

Best Social Gambling Apps 2012 Best Social Gambling Apps 2012

These days, it seems, everything has to be about “social integration” and gambling is no exception. It no longer involves standing around in a bricks n’ mortar bookies in quiet desperation, it’s all about collecting “power-ups” and chatting to your “friends”. Bluff takes a look at the best social gaming apps on the market and ponders what on earth drives people to pay real money for play chips.

October 2012

The L Files - part one The L Files - part one

In mid-September and in the aftermath of the sale of Full Tilt Poker to PokerStars, Howard Lederer surprised the poker community by finally breaking his silence and requesting an interview with PokerNews.com.

Black Belt Poker pro Kevin Williams Black Belt Poker pro Kevin Williams

Black Belt Poker pro and Nottingham Live II Champion Kevin Williams shares his views on the Lederer Files with Adam “Snoopy” Goulding.

Gus Hansen on Tilt Gus Hansen on Tilt

It’s finally happened. After a year and a half of chaos, the players have been repaid and, on 6th November, will be able to log on to FullTiltPoker.com, access their funds and play poker. No one is champing harder at the bit than the world’s foremost action junkie Gus Hansen. He even gets his funny little avatar back.

Sam Grafton aka The Squid Sam Grafton aka The Squid

Sam Grafton, one of poker's more colourful pros, speaks to Adam 'Snoopy' Goulding about his rapid rise to success in the online world.

September 2012

Sam Trickett - Summer of Sam Sam Trickett - Summer of Sam

Sam Trickett won millions last summer, literally. From Macau to Vegas, the lad from Retford hoovered up the dosh. In fact, when we spoke to him, as he attempted to recover from a horrendous hangover, he confirmed that he’d won $800K in the same week, playing online PLO.
And to cap it all, he wins British Poker Player of the Year at the British Poker Awards, presented by Bluff Europe – surely the finest achievement of his career – ahem. Bluff meets a man at the height of his powers.

August 2012

Ashley Mason aka DYBYDX Ashley Mason aka DYBYDX

Adam 'Snoopy' Goulding catches up with Ash Mason who is being tipped as UK poker’s next big star.