July 2013

The Mid-tournament Bind The Mid-tournament Bind

Adjusting to stack size

Card-removal and river frequencies Card-removal and river frequencies

High-level thinking from Ike Haxton

The Psychology of Gambling The Psychology of Gambling

With Johnny Hughes.

June 2013

Poker Tracker 4 Poker Tracker 4

Understanding The “Red” Line

A Symphony of Errors A Symphony of Errors

With Jeff Kimber.

Four-Betting in PLO Four-Betting in PLO

With WSOP bracelet winner John Beauprez.

A Grind-free Zone? A Grind-free Zone?

Alex 'Pickleman' Rousso on the psychology of poker.

May 2013

Quick Pro PLO Quick Pro PLO

Triple barreling with John 'Kasinokrime' Beauprez

Paul Jackson Paul Jackson's Genting Poker Series Newcastle

Off to Newcastle upon Tyne for leg 2 of this year’s Genting Poker Series.

Two weird hands Two weird hands

Sometimes bizarre things happen at the poker table and only the smartest will prevail, says Jeff Kimber.