April 2014

What Is Variance? What Is Variance?

Latest wisdom from Alex Rousso.

To HUD Or Not To HUD To HUD Or Not To HUD

Dara O’Kearney talks Heads-Up Displays.

Hindsight Hindsight

Reviewing your hands is one of the key skills of any successful poker player, says Jeff Kimber.

March 2014

The Riddle of the Robot The Riddle of the Robot

Too many players have sacrificed creative thought to become mindless drones, says Miikka Anttonen.

The Satellite Battle The Satellite Battle

Satellites nowadays are packed with value, but you’re a fool if you treat them like regular tournaments, says Dara O’Kearney.

Taming a Lagtard Taming a Lagtard

Jeff Kimber why aggression has to be selective and carefully controlled.

Changing Your Story Changing Your Story

Think there’s no such thing as bluffing with a made-hand? Well you’re wrong, says fearsome Frenchman Nicolas Levi.

February 2014

Repping Deuces Repping Deuces

With Paul 'Action Jack' Jackson.

Eight mistakes in 8-Game Eight mistakes in 8-Game

Team PokerStars Online member Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome flags up some classic mistakes in 8-Game, and ways to fix them…

Saving Timex Saving Timex

Unfathomable goings-on on the bubble at the PCA Super High Roller last month. Jeff Kimber elaborates.