The Dummies' Guide To .fr Poker

The Dummies' Guide To .fr Poker

Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to register to play on a .fr poker site.

Four years ago, the ‘.fr’ poker website was born as a result of French regulation, instantly creating lucratively large and recreational player pools ready for you to dive into. However, many UK players are being scared off from playing there by the (deceptively simple) sign-up procedure. Are you a person who has been baffled by confusingly-termed instructions, or bamboozled by unfamiliar French guidelines? Well, never fear – simply read our easy, step-by-step guide on how to register to play on a .fr poker site and you’ll be playing against France’s finest in no time. Sacrebleu!

Step 1: Create your account

This bit is super easy – all you have to do is fill in your email address and date of birth, and choose your online screen-name and account password. Boom. You can already play on the play money tables if you fancy.

Step 2: Enable real-money gaming

Now this is the part that may LOOK like it’s starting to get tricky, but once you know what they’re asking for it’s as easy as pie. Simply fill in a few extra details, such as place of birth, your postal address, and your bank details.

The bank information is the bit that is most likely to trip people up, as the terminology used is unfamiliar lingo to the vast majority of Brits. Let’s decode these phrases:

• IBAN Number – IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It is simply your account number and sort code with a few numbers added onto the end. You can find it on the top of your bank statements, but if you don’t have one handy then try using this handy website:

• SWIFT/BIC Number – this is a code that can be used abroad to identify which bank you are with. It will vary depending on your banking provider, but can usually be found with a quick google – Barclays’ UK SWIFT/BIC Number, for example, is BARCGB22.

At this point you might be asked to set some personal spending and playing limits. Set these as high or low as your presumably ballerific budget will allow, and bingo bango, we’re off.

Step 3: Verifying your account

This is all about them checking you are who you say you are, so as long as you’re opening an account in your name and not pretending to be your brother/girlfriend/great auntie Doris/postman, it’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is send a copy of your bank details and some valid ID (passport or bog-standard driving licence is fine), either by taking a picture of it on your phone or scanning it, and then emailing it in. you have 30 days to complete this step, so there’s a little wiggle room; support staff are also generally quite quick and efficient at processing new players.

Step 4: Getting your activation code

This is the last step. As soon as the site have verified your identity, they’ll pop an activation code in the post. Yes, that ol’ snail mail is a bit slower than email, but it’s just so they can confirm that your postal address provided is valid. Once the letter plops onto your doormat, just enter the code within the next time you log on to play (you can still play while waiting for the code to arrive).

Et voilà! You now have a fully legit .fr account, and will be able to process withdrawals without any hassle. Bonne chance at the tables, and enjoy some frogs!

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