GUKPT Student Championship

GUKPT Student Championship

Friday, 24 May 2013

Foxwell victorious at the Ricoh.

A huge field of 469-runners convened at the G Casino at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena for last month’s GUKPT Student Poker Championships, but none could match Ben Foxwell who put on a dominating final day show. The second-year Sports and Exercise Science student from Cardiff Metropolitan University went into the final table second in the chip counts but proceeded to destroy the opposition, miraculously eliminating all eight of his rivals.

Andrew Symeou was the first to go when his A-8 ran into Foxwell's A-J. Then Arthur Villa's Q-Q looked good against Foxwell's A-2 but an ace on the flop sent him to the rail. Neither Matt Butcher nor Simon Priddis could get a break with their short-stacked shoves, and Sunny Kalcutt hit the rail shortly after when his K-10 push ran into Foxwell's K-J. Han Zhang was next to go when his K-3 couldn't come from behind to beat Foxwell's 6-6, with Matt Takaro busting in third when his A-8 ran into Foxwell's Q-Q.

That left Lucas Durney with the unenviable task of trying to overturn a 10 to 1 chip deficit. Foxwell sealed the win after rivering a ten, holding J-10, to beat Durney's K3.

Foxwell walked away with a first prize of £3,540 and a seat into the GUKPT Grand Final worth £2,000. Not bad for a £30 buy-in…

1st: Ben Foxwell - £3,540
2nd: Lucas Durney - £2,100
3rd: Matt Takaro - £1,405
4th: Han Zhang - £1,055
5th: Sunny Kalcutt - £915
6th: Simon Priddis - £775
7th: Matt Butcher - £630
8th: Arthur Villa - £425
9th: Andrew Symeou - £245

GUKPT Foxwell interview

A word from the Champ

Congratulations, Ben. Tell us about the event.

The main event structure was awesome and it was good to play poker with other students and successful players. It was great fun to be able to go and meet students from other universities and the event has a different feel from a normal poker tour event. The final table rail was unlike anything I’ve seen at a poker tournament before.

Where do you usually play?

I play cash online at Pokerstars NL 0.25/0.50 (screen name Foxyy13), and I’ve had a couple of $1,000 scores, one from a $2 rebuy. I play live cash at the Galas in Bristol and Cardiff. But we play a lot at uni. I’ve a lot of friends at the poker society, and I play home games with mates.

What do you do when you’re not playing poker?

Football, going out, working at Tesco… I’m keeping job for now for extra cash for drinking.

What do you plan on doing with the money?

I’m going on holiday with my girlfriend, travelling around Europe for a few weeks. I bought a car (a Corsa) and got it insured, so there’s not much left after that.

Are you going to play any live events?

I might play a few before the GUKPT Grand Final for some practice, probably just at the local casino rather than big tours, or try some satties online. I’m really looking forward to the Grand Final, though. It’s a little scary and intense playing against big names and full time pros but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Hopefully I’ll run as good in that one too.

What are your plans for after university?

Maybe do a masters and become a cardiologist. Something biology related anyway.

No plans to go pro?

I’ve never really thought about it. If I was good enough, maybe, but I'm pretty happy having it as a decent income on the side for getting through uni!

The Team Competition was won by the University of Central Lancashire

GUKPT Student Team Winners

Grosvenor Student Poker League

Check out Grosvenor’s new Student Poker League. Every Sunday night at 7.30pm at, there will be a different poker tournament for students and recent graduates to take part in. On 17th November 2013, whoever has accrued the most points in the league will win the trophy and the first prize of a GUKPT Grand Final seat (worth £2,125).

Please check out the UK Student Poker Facebook page for the full schedule and list of great prizes.

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