Playboy Poker - Bonus and Promotions

New players registering at Playboy Poker can claim $20 absolutely FREE when they deposit $20 or more. As well as this, making your first deposit at Playboy Poker will get you 4 tickets to play for cash prizes in their exclusive Playboy Poker Depositor Freerolls. Playboy Poker even runs an ‘Instant Rewards’ scheme, where accomplishing certain poker feats – such as winning with pocket Kings three times in a session, or winning with suited connectors – will earn you instant prizes.

All players are rewarded for playing on Playboy Poker regardless of their playing level, using the Playboy Poker Black Card – Playboy Poker’s specialised VIP program. The Black Card is a unique scheme designed by Playboy Poker which enables you to get up to 40% cash back every month, depending on your VIP level. There are four different Playboy Poker VIP levels (Player, Regular, Grinder and Professional), and you move up the ranks by earning player points. As for how to accumulate player points, it couldn’t be easier – just get started playing cash games or tournaments on Playboy poker! The more you play on Playboy Poker, the more you earn – simple!

Conclusion: Their instant rewards and VIP scheme means that playing on Playboy Poker will never get boring. Their generous offer of a free $20 is nothing to be sniffed at either!


Available on both Windows and Mac, Playboy Poker offers a wide range of games for everyone, with cash game limits ranging from $0.03/$0.06 all the way to $150/$300. There is also a wide choice of tournaments, with buy-ins from the super-micro to a select few costing thousands of dollars. As well as this, there are several Playboy Poker freerolls which run on a regular basis throughout the week (but particularly on the weekends).

Players on Playboy Poker can also enjoy their exclusive Strobe Poker, where action is fast-paced and exciting. In this, you will never be stuck waiting around – you are put into a pool of other Playboy Poker players, and every time you fold you are immediately transported to a different table.

Conclusion: There’s a huge range of games to get involved with on Playboy Poker, so you can stick with your favourites or experiment with different stakes and variants.


Playboy Poker is powered by Cryptologic, a consistently reliable software developer that’s at the top of their game. The graphics on Playboy Poker are simple, yet smooth – there are no avatars, but this gives a pleasantly uncluttered feel. Similarly, the Playboy Poker lobby is streamlined and easily navigable.

Conclusion: The software on Playboy Poker is minimalist but highly slick, meaning that it is above all easy to navigate.


Playboy Poker is part of the Ongame network, meaning that there will always be games going. The fact that Playboy Poker is a new site with tons of great promotions means that traffic will only increase as time goes on.

Conclusion: Playboy Poker’s inclusion in the Ongame network means you’ll never be stuck for a game, and the online player base is growing every day.

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